About us

We are Olivia and Tarieli. As you can understand from our brand Lucky Laika, we want to bring the feeling of luckiness to people through our products. Olivia is a freelance artist who draws the pictures of Lucky Laika products. Tarieli's job is to get Olivia's illustrations on the products and then to get those products to people. We generate the ideas together :) Two of us get this good buzz and synergy and when we feel "on fire", then there is a sense that someone else may also find it interesting

We are a family business: my wife Olivia is an illustrator and she draws beautiful pictures, me (Tarieli) try to get those on different products and those products to people. We called our company Lucky Laika because when we were thinking about the name for our company we stumbled on a picture of a dog who went to space. We all know that Laika's life ended tragically, but that moment we felt that maybe there was a chance for happier ending. Maybe Laika is still alive and hanging our there with Martians ;) Anyway, we felt that Laika deserved better destiny and so we called our company Lucky Laika.
What that has to do with us? We believe that all people deserve to be happy and lucky. We feel that two of us are really lucky to have a chance doing what we like so much: our creative job in our apartment/home-office, with our baby daughter Mika and dog Haiku. And we really hope that our work reflects that feeling of luck and it carries on to people who buy our stuff. And so this is the main attribute of our work - we know that things don't make people truly happy, but maybe they help to forget all bad things just for a moment and bring a smile to a person, who spent some money on it.
Just today we got this message from a customer and this is what we are working for:
"Olivia, there is so much love and attention for details in your work - it can be felt in every of your pictures. Just to let you know that this hard work and caring is seen to other people, too"