About us

Lucky Laika is a family business and that's why we have our whole family here on this photo. Olivia has drawn illustrations for all of our products. Tarieli's job is to get those pictures on the products and deliver those products to you. Our daughter Mika is just 5 years old, but already active in our family business: sometimes she's in our product photos as a model, sometimes she's with her daddy at the warehouse or delivering products and sometimes she's all proud and stuff and saying she'll be an artist just like her mommy. Well, actually she already started with her own collection ;)

Lucky Laika was born 11 years ago when we felt we wanted to do something together and that it could be our everyday job. We felt so happy and lucky when we started. These feelings are still here and we feel it every day. We really hope that this good feeling will transfer through our products to you, too. That's why this name - Lucky Laika - we all deserve to be happy and lucky!

We started slow and just with a few products back in 2011. Olivia has drawn more than 200 illustrations and we have 1000+ products by now and the selection is growing every day. We hope that you'll find here on this website something that makes you cheer up!