It all started with this funny picture that our five year old daughter Mika drew. She sees us making stuff and so she suggested "Mommy-daddy, make products with this picture!"
 "Yes-yes, we will" we laughed ... but then we thought why not. Let's try and make a hoodie with it and if it's cool, we'll put it up on our webshop. And what a cool hoodie it turned out to be!
 So we decided that if Mika draws more beautiful pictures then we'll make products with them. It was so wonderful just to hear her another day saying "Daddy-mommy, I wanna be in your gang! I want to work also and sell my art." So here we are with Mika's very own collection. Every product sold from MIKA collection will make a royalty payment to her saving account. Let's do some art and business, our little pumpkin! 😀❤️