Print "A small tear relieves a great sorrow"

Print "A small tear relieves a great sorrow"

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This is a limited edition (1 from 100) print of original work from Lucky Laika artist Olivia Lipartia. The picture "A small tear relieves a great sorrow" is inspired by the same proverb and is one of our "Proverbs" series pictures.

The picture is printed on a quality paper with original inks which ensures a long fade resistance. Still, we suggest using UV-protection glass to keep the art safe.

Every picture is titled and signed by the artist.

Size of a large picture: picture 23 x 15 cm, paper 30 x 21 cm.

Size of a small picture: picture 15 x 10 cm, paper 20 x 15 cm. 

Choose the size of the print when buying.

The print is shipped in a cello sleeve and stiff package - so there is a smaller chance for a postal worker to damage the picture :) 

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